About Us

BSI® Lighting Technologies, a Turkish technology company designs and develops creative lighting solutions for the international architectural market.

BSI® Lighting Technologies is built on a solid basis of experience and a range of dynamic lighting solutions.

BSI® Lighting Technologies offers a wide range of services, from consultation and advice to architects and architectural lighting designers during the initial project design phase to helping to identify and develop technology solutions, customized products or custom-designed, project specific products.

We believe that our strength lies in the combination of our long and valuable experience in the lighting field with a customized approach for each of our project partners, we have structured our business with you at our center; we seek to integrate our supply system into our partners’ supply chain. We play to our strengths by positioning ourselves as a major player in the areas of technology development, as well as OEM manufacturing.

With consistent investment in R&D for new technologies we are your reliable partner. Not only can we manufacture to your requirements,

BSI® Lighting Technologies will work with you as a partner, team and consultant to deliver the most effective and suitable solution to each individual project.

Flexibility, simplicity, and innovation are our guiding principles. From software and product development, customization competence and cutting-edge integrated lighting and building material solutions, to worldwide project management, planning and support services, to our dynamic and global team of outstanding professionals, these values drive and shape us within our ever-evolving industry.

A Commitment to Better Lighting

The company’s core technology, innovative designs, and superior customer service enable the next generation of illumination – continuing to change the way we light the world.

In-House Research & Development

With an internal team of engineers and product designers along with a dedicated R&D center, BSI® Lighting Technologies knowledge base stems from over a decade of design and development of LED-based products for a wide range of industries and applications.

Engineered for Quality

With the expertise of electronic, mechanical, software, and optical engineering under one roof, BSI® Lighting Technologies designs all of our LED products, including LED Fixtures, Controllers, and Power Solutions. BSI® Lighting Technologies is one of the few LED luminaire manufacturers that designs our own LED circuit boards, controllers, and fixtures from the ground up.

Made in Turkey

BSI® Lighting Technologies manufactures our LED luminaries and systems, from high tech manufacturing facility in Turkey. Our manufacturing process includes the assembly of our LED circuit boards and controllers via high speed automation, meaning we have absolute control over our process, schedule and of course LED binning – allowing us to ensure perfect color consistency.

Modified Standard & Custom Solutions

If we don’t’ have exactly what you need, contact BSI® Lighting Technologies to design and manufacture your LED solution. Chances are we’ll be able to leverage one or more of our standard products to bring your design to market quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Warranty & Support

BSI® Lighting Technologies offers factory-direct warranty and application support. With BSI® Lighting Technologies standing behind the technology, design, and manufacturing of our products, you can feel confident that you have chosen the right partner. If you ever have a question or problem, you can talk to us directly.

Why BSI Lighting Technologies?

Successfully managing projects to stated budgets, resources and deadlines

Manufacturing and delivering creative, environmentally-friendly lighting solutions

Across a broad range of applications

Maintaining all current safety, environmental and quality standards

Customized solutions, expert staff

Competitive pricing, large inventory

Many years of experience, continuous product improvement

A firm commitment to our partners

The team’s extensive industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology-independent approach enable it to identify and develop lighting solutions that meet the initial design brief.